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my world is falling apart

you're the only one who understands

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My World is Falling Apart

Welcome to the Blair and Serena Community.

We hope you will enjoy everything around here and feel comfortable. There are a few rules…

1. Do not bash ANYONE on this community. Frustration is okay and small rants but not for example: BLAIR SUCKS!!!!!!! Or anyone at all. It will not be tolerated.
2. Please tag all entries. Our comprehensive tag list can be found here.
3. Be courteous to other posters, we’re all here to support these two gorgeous girls.
4. Fan art posts are allowed but please use a livejournal cut.
5. Fan fiction is allowed, but please rate all and give a spoiler warning. If it contains slash please let the readers know before hand. Some people are not comfortable with slash and we want to respect all members.
6. Please do not flame anyone’s works. Advice and suggestions are okay but we don’t want anyone’s feelings being hurt.
7. Have fun and approach any of the mods with any and all concerns.

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- Your mods; breakingsilence [Kayla], littledarling [Mary], brennans [Callie], yeahbutstill [Steph]